**BRAZILIAN POLICE VS. FRENCH POLICE (Beware : Shocking scenes !) – December 2018**

I made this movie, first because I found the Brazilian Police Xmas video immensely cool and inspiring, and second because I would like the people of the World to know the true face of the Administrative Dictatorship in France.
Watch, and share as much as possible.
The arrogantly coward French bureaucrats certainly need some bashes.

If you contribute to make them « the shame of the World », this may help the French « ordinary citizens ». Thanks. 

And thanks so much to the « Yellow Vests » (the courageous French protesters).
France can be proud of you, you are showing that there is still some hope.

Attention : most of the scenes of the French police beating helpless people are really difficult to see (at least for me), and very sad. Please don’t blame me ; if it is too much for you, just do not watch.