Autistics’ freedom and participation to the world

Autistics’ freedom and participation to the world

I would like to know if there is at least one organization in the world (or at least « someone »), which would be willing and able to help the autistics of ANY age and level and country (and / or their organizations), and to listen to our explanations instead of following medical and business models without really knowing autism.
After 4 years of efforts, I have never found.

I am an Asperger autistic, I do understand autism and I have a great potential to help us, but I do only 0.1% of what I could do, because of the lack of support, interest, listening and understanding of the non-autistic system, mostly interested in comfort, pleasure and illusions.

I find rather revolting the fact that there is nothing to help correctly 1% of the world, who are suffering because of a wrong approach of autism. And also the fact of being ignored and rejected by people who don’t even want to make the effort of listening.

The autistics, like any other living beings, are indispensable. We are not sick. The social system is ill.

We need courageous persons to reduce nonsense, injustice and suffering, in order to build a better world.

Help us to help the autistics and we will help mankind and other living beings.


Eric Lucas

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